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At Active Medical Center, patients have access to innovative physical therapy services. Physical therapy can help train and strengthen the body to hold correct alignment, provide a drug-free alternative to relieve pain, and prevent re-injury.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy helps patients rebuild strength, flexibility, and range of motion following injury, chronic illness, or surgery. The objective of the activities and exercises used in physical therapy is to help a patient to move efficiently without pain. Ultimately, the patient will become stronger, more flexible, and able to perform normal day-to-day tasks without experiencing pain or discomfort. Physical therapy also helps patients maintain the results from other healing treatments, prevents recurrent injuries, and aids longevity by improving overall body function and well-being.

How does physical therapy help?

At Active Medical Center, patients receive customized physical therapy including stretches and exercises specifically designed to address the patient’s unique needs. Physical therapy often includes exercises such as stretching, weights and resistance training, walking, and other cardiovascular exercises to improve a patient's strength, coordination, and flexibility. They commonly involve stretching, lifting weights, walking, and aerobics. Patients may also benefit from manual therapy treatments including mobilization, massage, and adjustments to reduce pain and improve range of motion. Education is an essential component of physical therapy. Patients will learn about their bodies and the effects of their lifestyle choices. The doctor may provide information on exercises and stretches to perform at home. Patients who suffer from physical aches and pains should make appointments at Active Medical Center for diagnosis and customized care including physical therapy services.

What are the benefits of physical therapy?

As the patient rebuilds his or her muscles, he or she will notice a variety of physical benefits. Many patients experience improved muscular balance. Injured or weak muscles often lead to the surrounding muscles to compensate, which can lead to radiant pain and discomfort. Physical therapy can help heal and restore the weakened or injured muscles as well as the surrounding muscles. Patients also improve their strength and flexibility with physical therapy. At Active Medical Center, the team uses a holistic approach to care to improve blood flow, relaxation and healing through physical therapy. As the muscles are restored they become stronger, more flexible, and resistant to injury. Most patients also experience improved overall health. As the patient and therapist work toward optimal body function, the patient enjoys improved physical well-being, circulation, and the benefits of fully functioning body systems.

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