How A Team Approach Can Change the Face Of Healthcare

We currently live in a country full of the sickest people on the planet.  How did the Home of the Free, Land of the Brave become such a breeding ground for health destruction?  The answers are large in number and small on hope for a brighter, better future if there is not a drastic change in the mindset of the average American.  According to the Department of Health and Human Services the average American spends over $10,000 per year on their health!  In a country that spends more dollars on health care than many other countries combined, it is striking that the Unites States ranks 37th out of 37 industrialized nations in healthcare.  The United States makes up only 6% of the world’s population, yet we take over 80% of the world’s pain medication.  If drugs were really the answer shouldn’t the US be ranked 1st in the pole of healthcare?  

Here are some SHOCKING facts:



The answer to the healthcare problem is not more research, more drugs, or even more surgery.  The answer is going to come when health care providers stop disagreeing on what and how we should treat you, the patient.  The answer is going to come when health care providers begin to work together as a team to be sure that you are getting the best most complete care possible for YOU specifically.  We hear stories everyday in our office about being “the last hope”.  Patients have been to their Medical Doctor, Chiropractor and even their Physical Therapist with no help or change in their symptoms.  The problem isn’t that they were treated poorly.  The problem is that not one of those providers communicated with the others on how the treatment was going.  So, the patient got three different treatments with three different results and they walked away feeling like they wasted their time therefore the only answer is to stay on the pain medication until the problem becomes so bad that surgery is the only option.

It’s time for a change and it’s time for you to receive the care that you deserve to receive.  At Active Medical Center we have a complete medical staff consisting of a Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Chiropractor, and Rehab Specialist that work as a team to come up with your specific treatment plan.  In one location you could receive trigger point injections, joint injections, chiropractic care, physical therapy, orthotics, and even cold laser treatments.  The best part is that as you improve through care our team is continually communicating to be sure that your treatment is progressing so that drugs and surgery don’t even become an option anymore.  Our healthcare system has been broken for some time now and Active Medical Center is here to change that.


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