Family Adjustments

Why do I recommend that your kids get adjusted? Is it about “bad backs?” Are they in pain? Do they get headaches?

No, no, and I hope not!  My 20 month old son, Grayson, definitely does not get headaches. He does not have neck pain or back pain, but he’s been adjusted within MINUTES of birth! Why? Because I want him to have the best neurological function and brain/body connection he possibly can! I want every cell in his body functioning at 100% potential. I want every message his brain sends to his body to be as efficient as possible. That is exactly what chiropractic care does for your child. (Need research? Skip right to the links at the bottom).

When your child gets adjusted every interference with their nervous system is ELIMINATED. Their nervous system controls every function in their bodies. It coordinates their bodies health like the conductor of a symphony. When their nervous system is functioning at 100% their immune system is boosted (1). Specific immune system cells in the body increase, which fight infection, helping to prevent ear infections, sore throats, the common cold and flu, and so much more (2) (3) (4) (5). That is why we recommend children get adjusted when they have any symptoms to help them recover faster.

Grayson and Mama!

When do kids need to be adjusted? Think back to when they were born. Picture how they emerged from the birth canal, or how they were brought into the world via C-section. It’s not a GENTLE process. That is exactly why we check kids directly after birth. When Grayson was first adjusted his eyes went wide and then his entire body relaxed and he fell asleep. I could kick myself for not getting that on video.  

Grayson LOVES getting adjusted! He thinks it’s hilarious!

I had the opportunity to adjust a newborn in a hospital the day after she was born. There was concern she had not had her first bowel movement and medical interventions were being considered. I adjusted her as soon as I showed up. When I handed her back to her mother there was an EXPLOSION! The entire family laughed as we watched her family change their very first diaper. It was such a wonderful moment to witness the power of the very first chiropractic adjustment for that beautiful little girl. One of my favorite professors from graduate school, Dr. Richard Burns, had a child born with cerebral palsy. At one year old she could not sit up or stand. He refused to accept that diagnosis and thought outside the box. He performed a very specific adjustment, called the AS Occiput adjustment, and her symptoms RESOLVED! The very next day she was sitting up! He was told that his daughter would be dependent on others for care the rest of her life, however long that was. With just ONE adjustment, the exact adjustment she needed, he changed the course of her life forever. She is now a chiropractor herself and works with her father in his chiropractic clinic! (6) (7) (8)

Getting his power turned on!

Back to YOUR child. Fast forward a few years from birth and your children are playing sports, falling off the monkey bars, running, jumping, wrestling with each other, and simply being kids! Every small trauma is a chance for spinal misalignments to interfere with their nervous system and their body’s ability to heal. I was wrestling with my son and BAM, he hit his head hard on the floor. Immediately I checked his spine and adjusted his occiput, the base of the skull. Had that gone unchecked it would have put direct pressure around the area of his brain stem. A few days ago he pulled his friend off a table and dropped her on the floor. When I checked her spine she only needed a light lower neck adjustment, but her mother wouldn’t have known without checking! These are the traumas that accumulate over time and have far reaching effects on our children’s health.  

How often do kids need to be adjusted? That completely depends on your child. Every child is different. Every spine is different. Every neurological response is different to each adjustment. That is why chiropractors evaluate every patient, young or old, to determine exactly what that patient needs. I check my son at least every week, and when he first started walking it was a lot more often! Does he need to be adjusted every time I check him? No, but I wouldn’t know without checking! My job as his mother is to make sure he’s given the best possible chance in life to grow into an amazing person. Chiropractic, proper nutrition, and healthy habits overall play such a large role in who our children become! 

What does having a well-adjusted family look like? I’ve been adjusted since I was two weeks old. I was a perfectly healthy child. My parents wanted my nervous system to function at 100%. My parents are now in their 70’s and have been adjusted for the last 40 years. Neither one of them are on any medications! The average number of medications at their age is eleven! My son, Grayson, has only been sick twice in his life, both times after visiting family that had been sick recently. I was actually relieved he finally showed symptoms, because our immune systems are like any other muscle, they need to be worked to build up strength. His body handled that illness like a champion. It did exactly what it was designed to do. No medications needed. Parallel that with most kids his age who are constantly battling the sniffles, mucus, fevers, and the like. He’s also never had an ear infection, a common illness in his age range. He’s a happy, spunky, fiesty little kid that is way too smart for his own good. (Oh Lord, I definitely have my work cut out for me). My husband, Dr. Jeremy, has been adjusted starting at a young age. His parents made that choice after he had battled years of extreme asthma that left him hospitalized and out of school for extended periods of time. Not only did his asthma resolve, but he became a chiropractor to help other children avoid exactly what he went through as a child.

My wonderful hubby, Jeremy

While I clearly recommend getting children checked by a chiropractor whether they have any symptoms or not, there are numerous studies documenting the benefits of chiropractic care and specific health complaints: ADD/ADHD, bed-wetting, emotional health, constipation, ear infections, fevers, respiratory function, scoliosis, sleep, speech disorders, torticollis, tonsillitis, and so much more. For a full list visit this research archive.

Our health is made up of so many variables: healthy nervous systems, quality nutrition, plenty of sleep, minimal exposure to toxicity, and lots of love. If you haven’t addressed your children’s nervous systems yet, today is the day to take that step! Your chiropractor will evaluate them to see what they need, and make customized recommendations for them based on their healthy history, activity level, and examination findings.

Let me leave you with one final thought on chiropractic care for your children, and their health overall. Every time they are adjusted you are investing in their health. Every time you give them quality nutrition you are investing in their health. Every time you clean your house with chemical-free cleaning products you are investing in their health. Every time you give them hugs and tell them you love them you are investing in their health. All these investments will SAVE you heaps of money, time, and energy later. Invest those small amounts NOW, so you save huge amounts LATER. You and your family are worth it!

Had a great experience at your chiropractor? Love getting your kids adjusted? Have questions? Feel free to comment below or send me an email at


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